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Assoziation E e.V. is a non-partisan organization for the promotion of emancipatory thought and praxis. The association offers actors from science&research, art&culture and formation&education an ideal and material framework for efforts to enable people to live a dignified life.

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Science & Research

Assoziation:E supports research projects of all disciplines, but also interdisciplinary projects and joint projects, if they have the claim to contribute to the realization of a society in which a dignified, self-determined life without suffering is possible for all people.

Art & Culture

Assoziation:E promotes art and culture with emancipatory aspirations. This includes individual and collective ways of creation and communication that alienate social reality and irritate the reifying tendency of prevailing forms of consciousness.

Formation & Education

If the goal of society as a whole is a self-determined life without suffering, it falls into the realm of formation and education to develop the individual psychological aspect of self-determination in all.  To this end, they must be enabled by changed conditions; at the same time, an emancipatory education and upbringing also makes certain forms of more humane conditions possible in the first place.

Who Cares? Care-Workshops

Who cares is a focal point for groups in which people are there for each other and would like to benefit from the findings of (reproduction) labor and gender research. Who Cares is designed for and designs social spaces in which people develop emancipatory approaches to the practical management of care work. A particular focus is on mental health care work. Who Cares is also conceived as a prevention program regarding psychological overload and is developed in close exchange with psychologists and psychiatrists.

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