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Assoziation:E supports various projects with emancipatory aspirations in the fields of science & research, art & culture and formation & education. The association's extended board, which is elected by the general assembly, ensures the smooth running of the project work independently of the authorized board. This way, we can offer a flexible framework for the most diverse demands and project goals in the fields we support.


Formation & Education

Concept for associative exchange of perspectives, development of common points of view and linking of ideas and praxis. Participants exchange ideas freely after in-depth input contributions. The events are moderated by members of the association. Learn more

Interdisciplinary Research Group

Science & Research

For young scientists from all disciplines and universities. The goal is to eliminate the isolation of young researchers and to create a diverse, internationally oriented scientific context that fosters an awareness of the necessities and possibilities to shape society.  More

Seminar Psyche Daily Life

Formation & Education

Seminar concept to explore the impact of everyday life on the psyche and promote a critical understanding of the mental states and attributions of our times. More


Formation & Education

An open seminar series in Munich to question academic boundaries and sabotage limitations of imagination. Students from different disciplines put the social explosive power of their topics up for discussion in different formats.

See project page (in German)


Art & Culture, Formation & Education

A joint start to the autumn by various initiatives and collectives, with insights into what's going on right now. Lectures, workshops, performances and other formats with emancipatory ambitions. More

Who Cares?

Science & Research, Formation & Education

Offer for groups in which people are there for each other and would like to benefit from insights from research on (reproductive) labor and gender. More

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