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Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Assoziation:E:n is a format that offers people with critical-emancipatory aspirations a common platform: To exchange perspectives, to work out common points of view and to follow up these points of view with actions. We are looking for answers to the question of what a space for emancipatory dialogue can look like in our time: what topics are discussed and how, what role does personal and/or professional background or self-location in collective structures play?

The format was founded in 2018, initially as a loose association, a gathering, an agora of and for friends and acquaintances. In the four years since its founding, the format has grown and grown. The institutionalization of this aspiration was finally one of the main motives for the founding of the Assoziation E e.V.

Assoziation:E:n seeks questions in conversation without predetermined answers. The focus is on a common search in dialogue, associatively instead of competitively. Participants are offered some background information and possible questions about a topic in input contributions at the beginning of each session. There is no dogmatic teaching. Together we will explore the limits (on the basis) of empirical research and subjective feelings. In this way we want to trace what is blocking the way to a liberated society.

Assoziation:E:n consciously confronts the underdetermined, the unclear, the unconscious, without necessarily having to determine it. Assoziation:E:n is open to all who are interested in this approach and the respective questions. The events are moderated by members of the association.

Talking about principles

Moderation: Before the sessions, the moderators meet to prepare themselves and to choose modes of communication adequate to the respective topics.

Normativity: We share an emancipatory claim - which can be challenged at any time. We do not aim for the dogmatic, but demand an emancipatory claim in the sense of reflection - how would you classify this or that as emancipatory?

Culture of discussion: We attach great importance to a participatory, empathetic culture of discussion. This is what the moderation by members of the association and other empathetic and experienced persons is aimed at.

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Topics @Assoziation:E:n until now

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As"Agora Munich":

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